In The Home

Educational Learning Theory

Piaget’s theory of social interaction can be seen through the usage of Moodle, Blackboard, and other applications within the classroom and at home by students and teachers. Social interaction can be seen through discussion board posts, emails, or chat room conversions between students to help further thought provoking ideas or concepts.


Quizlet is a website that allows parents or students to design their own flashcards. You can select from existing flashcards or design your own to fit your needs.  Subject matter can be selected by grade level ranging from Pre-K through college level courses.


American Rhetoric is a website that contains a digital library of historical speeches, videos, and texts. The top 100 speeches in history are available for students to research, review, and analyze. This website is user-friendly and highly informative.


Discovery Education is a website that allows parents to help their children with homework, gives ideas on ways to motivate and inspire their children. Students can get assistance with their homework, gives easy to understand step-by-step instructions in solving math problems, and participate in educational games.


CyberSleuth Kids is an internet search engine that is designed for students in grades K-12. The easy to navigate site provides links to some of the most common topics or subjects. In addition to general information it also contains a catalog of over 80,000 clip art images, photos, etc.


Funology is a website that is focused on younger students in Pre-K through 3rd grade. It provides craft ideas, recipes, games and trivia about various educational topics. All content on the website is in kid-friendly language with fun images and bright colors.


Fact Monster is an engaging website allows children to learn facts about a multitude of topics. There is also a reference section to provide assistance with homework in a child-friendly way.


Project Gutenburg is a website that has over 40,000 books available for download for free. Children can explore their love of reading simply by downloading a free book. provides assistance with math homework. Students are able to select the level of math that they need to learn more about.


howstuffworks is a website that helps students who are inquisitive about things. Students are able to find out the details about how all types of things operate.


Science Made Simple allows students to explore the world of Science. Science project ideas for different grade levels are available.