In The Classroom

Educational Learning Theory

Richard Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (CTML) examines the manner in which people learn through words and images in a multimedia environment. CTML can be useful in designing online learning environments that can be used as educational aids or supplements to help increase learning effectiveness.


Glogster is a website that allows for the secure creation of digital poster boards or collages. Teachers can use this to introduce new topics and content in their classrooms. Students can use the features to design and create their own poster boards/collages as an individual or as a group project to be presented to the class.


Wallwisher is a website that allows the teacher to design and build a personalized classroom digital wall. Teachers can post updates, questions and answers, videos, and more to the wall. Students can post questions for the teacher and receive feedback.


ToonDoo is a website that allows students to create digital comic strips, books, or storyboards. Students are able to customize the images, text, insert personalized hand drawings, and upload personal photos. This website allows the teacher to intermix technology into a wide variety of subject matters that will captivate the students.


Wikispaces is a website that allows for a secure online collaboration between the teacher and the students. Teachers have the ability to select who can access their Wikispace. The creation of sub-sections will help students to navigate between lessons or topics for class notes, instructions, examples, or additional information.


Quia is a website that allows the teacher to create their own online games, quizzes, surveys, and webpages designed around their own curriculum. Existing options from some of the top education publishers are available for use.


The Science Spot is a website that contains engaging lessons and internet lesson worksheets for science. Each internet worksheet list a website for the students to search to locate the answers.


Edmodo is a teacher and student secure interactive website. The teacher can put assignment, tests, announcements, and much more on their page. Students have a secure login to be able to access the information either in class or at home. Parents are given their own login to be able to review their child’s status in the class.


Voki is a website that allows the teachers and students to make digital avatars. There is a text to speech feature that includes 25 language options. This is a fun and engaging way to get students to interactive in a digital lesson plan. Lesson plans and ideas are listed on the website. For the most secure option there is a fee of $29.95 for one year or $44.95 for two years.


Have Fun with is a website that can aid virtually any social studies lesson plan. There are history videos and historical activities. Users can also search for a historical event to find all the information available for that topic.


Grammar Bytes is an English class supplement. There are online worksheets to help the students learn grammar in a new fun way. Teacher answer keys are also listed.