Educational Learning Theory

Everett Rogers's theory of diffusion focuses on using technology for advancing the language acquisition of ESL/ELL students. Blended instruction consisting of face-to-face and online tutoring or homework enable the student to continue to build their second language acquisition outside of normal school hours.


Teaching English Games is a websites that has activities for children aged 3-5, 4-12, and adults. Stories, games, and plays are available for download.


ESL Galaxy is a teacher focused website that contains a large amount of ESL information. Cloze and gap activities, word puzzles, and lesson plans are only a few of the features available.


Barry Fun English is a website that has fun interactive games that teaches English while engaging the student. There is a feature that allows you customize photo flash cards to match up with your lesson plans. However, this website cost $15.00 a year.


Three Wise Monkeys is a website of games and activities that will help to engage shy students into becoming more communicative.


Learning Chocolate is a website that students can use in the classroom or at home. The students can select among items such as the classroom, birds, animals, colors, clothing, and much more. When the student clicks on the picture the name of the item is spoken aloud in a clear voice for the student.


Teach Children ESL is a completely free website that has games, worksheets, songs, and flashcards.


Lantern Fish is a website that has activities for phonics, verbs, flash cards, word searches, and creative writing. There is also a section for ESL adults.


Grammar Man is a comic based website that engages the students with fun comics. This helps to teach English in a way where the students do not even realize that they learning.


Nick Jr. is a website from the Nickelodeon Cartoon Channel.  Dora the Explorer books that can be printed for free. Each page has both the English and Spanish text.


Bright Hub offers a variety of resources for teachers who teach ESL. There are articles on teaching grammar, numbers, and ESL lesson plans.